Julia Fox Style: Insights and Inspiration for Fashion Enthusiasts

Exploring the bold and edgy fashion choices of Julia Fox, this article delves into her unique style that effortlessly merges streetwear with high couture.

Julia Fox, the breakout star of Uncut Gems, has rapidly become a fashion icon, turning heads with her unique and bold style choices.

This article delves into the nuances of Fox’s fashion sensibility, exploring everything from her red carpet looks to her casual street style.

Offering a detailed analysis of her wardrobe selections, it provides insights into the influences and inspirites that shape her distinctive aesthetic.

Whether you’re a fan eager to replicate her style or simply curious about her fashion evolution, this comprehensive guide will satisfy your quest for knowledge about Julia Fox’s style.

Key takeaways:

  • Adopts unconventional styles, shunning traditional Hollywood glitz.
  • Leverages fashion to demonstrate individuality.
  • Champions unconventional designers, opting to wear creations by lesser-known but innovative artists.
  • Frequently presents a fusion of vintage and contemporary fashion elements.
  • Leverages accessories to accentuate her daring style statement.

Julia Fox: Style Icon and Risk Taker

Eccentric and bold, Fox embraces fashion as a form of self-expression. She is not confined by conventional fashion norms, opting instead for daring costumes that make a statement.

  • Adopts unconventional styles, shunning traditional Hollywood glitz
  • Leverages fashion to demonstrate individuality
  • Champions unconventional designers, opting to wear creations by lesser-known but innovative artists
  • Frequently presents a fusion of vintage and contemporary fashion elements
  • Leverages accessories to accentuate her daring style statement

Julia Fox’s Fashion Choices Before Her Breakout Role in “Uncut Gems”

Prior to her noted cinematic debut, Julia Fox showcased a unique style sensibility. She veered towards a bohemian and eclectic aesthetic, often choosing outfits with a vintage touch. This notable phase saw her exploring with:

  • Layered dresses and maxi skirts with ruffled details.
  • An assortment of oversized scarves and tribal-inspired jewelry.
  • Emphasis on leather and suede pieces.
  • Frequent splashes of bold, earthy colors like deep reds and dark greens.
  • Mostly preppy or grungy looks depicting her bold spirit.

This era witnessed Fox experimenting with her look significantly, laying the groundwork for the mature, unique style she has honed today.

Julia Fox’s Ensemble for the “Uncut Gems” Premiere During the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival

This striking look combined simplicity with a dash of sophisticated glamour. Fox opted for a one-sided, white floor-length dress. The outfit, from the house of Givenchy, played up to her bold and fearless fashion sense in two major ways:

  • Asymmetrical Design: The dress featured only one sleeve, presenting a beautifully asymmetric design that brought balance between exposing the skin and maintaining elegance.
  • White and Silver: The color palette of pure white, with silver studded details, emphasized Fox’s tendency for minimalistic yet eye-catching style.
  • Risqué Neckline: The barely-there neckline plunged down to the waist, showcasing Fox’s tendency to opt for daring sartorial choices.
  • Accessorizing: Fox completed the look with minimal jewelry, her signature style, using only a pair of diamond hoop earrings and a singular ring.
  • Heels: She chose a pair of simple stilettos that complemented the dress and elongated her figure by adding height and poise.

Fox’s Outfit for the 2019 GQ Men of the Year Celebration

Fox stepped onto the red carpet in a stunning Balenciaga gown, demonstrating her dramatic style.

The latex dress with its monochromatic black colour and exaggerated, off-shoulder silhouette creates a sense of both mystery and striking chic.

Her statement silver heeled sandals added an unexpected contrast to the contemporary, minimalistic feel of her gown.

Fox allowed her dress to be in the limelight by subtly complementing it with silver jewellery – a choker necklace and matching earrings, which certainly enhanced the overall balanced yet adventurous feel.

  • Balenciaga gown
  • Monochromatic black
  • Exaggerated, off-shoulder silhouette
  • Silver heeled sandals
  • Silver choker necklace and earrings

Fox’s Simple Black Gown With a Plunging Neckline in 2020

This was when Fox embraced pure sophistication and elegance. She stole the red carpet show at a high-profile event, donning a classic black gown, which was anything but basic. The dress featured plunging neckline, a daring fashion choice that Fox proved to pull off with grace.

Her team worked to strike the ideal balance – one part sultry, one part classy – and they did not disappoint.

Key Points:

  • Deep V neckline: A bold fashion choice that added a distinct sexiness to the outfit without being overtly revealing
  • Simple Black Color: By choosing a classic color, Fox allowed her bold silhouette and design details to command attention
  • Sophisticated Styling: Despite the deep plunge, the rest of the outfit was kept sophisticated with minimal accessories and a clean, chic hairstyle
  • Perfect Balance: The gown, although daring, maintained an elegant balance of style, ideal for the red carpet event.

Julia Fox’s Iconic Jean-Paul Gaultier Dress At Paris Fashion Week in 2021

Flocking to Paris, Fox donned a jaw-dropping ivory gown from the fashion house’s archives, which dated back to the Spring 1998 collection. The gown, meticulously constructed, boasted a blend of textures, which included intricate beadwork and feather detailing.

1. Ivory gown, a statement piece from the Spring 1998 Jean-Paul Gaultier collection.

2. Blend of textures: Intricate beadwork and feather detailing.

3. Historic fashion moment: The dress had not made a public appearance for over two decades.

4. Stunning entrance: The piece was complete with a daring high-slit design.

5. Accompaniment: A pair of strappy metallic stilettos and matching shoulder bag from the same designer.

Her striking appearance marked a stunning note in the timeline of her rapidly evolving style journey, illuminating her boldness in making fashion statements. Leveraging vintage pieces, she exhibited her fashion-risk-taking persona while simultaneously paying homage to iconic fashion history.

Fox As West’s “muse” in a Stomach-baring Double-denim Outfit By Schiaparelli At Paris Fashion Week

Without losing sight of her love for audacious ensembles, Fox pivoted towards a more daring and less conventional look during a Paris Fashion Week appearance beside Kanye West. The double-denim ensemble, designed by Schiaparelli, featured a bare midriff and played with proportions in an intriguing way.

The confluence of the distinctive elements generated significant buzz, reinforcing her status as a trendsetter in the fashion world.

  • Experimental design by Schiaparelli
  • Stomach-baring concept
  • Use of double-denim
  • Play with proportions
  • Reinforcing trendsetter status
  • Appearance beside Kanye West during Paris Fashion Week

Julia Fox and Kanye West At the Schiaparelli Haute Couture Show During Paris Fashion Week

Dressed in a daring stomach-baring double denim ensemble by Schiaparelli, Fox became the center of attention. The outfit, a mix of edge and opulence, featured an outlandishly high waistline and was complemented by chunky gold-embellished boots. West, sporting a black quilted coat and black beanie, looked on appreciatively. The two made a statement, marking them as daring figures in the fashion world.

  • Stomach-bearing double-denim ensemble by Schiaparelli
  • Outlandishly high waistline
  • Gold-embellished chunky boots
  • West’s black quilted coat and beanie
  • Marked as daring figures in the fashion world

Fox’s Matching Green Leather Corset and Mini Skirt Outfit for a Dinner in Los Angeles

This ensemble, a vivid testament to Fox’s fearless approach to fashion, demonstrated her knack for bold hues and intriguing textures. The corset, in a rich emerald green, sculpted her figure to perfection, while the mini skirt added a playful yet sophisticated touch. Both pieces, crafted from supple leather, gave an edgy aesthetic.

  • Emerald green hue: Conveys boldness, sophistication
  • Leather material: Showcases edge, daring style
  • Corset: Reinforces the shape accentuation trend
  • Mini skirt: Stays in line with Fox’s fearless, playful appeal.

Most notably, the outfit’s matched color palette marked a common trend in her styling, where components articulate a unified story. The look spoke exuberantly of Fox’s flair for harmonizing hues, a vital part of her distinctive style language. Lastly, her choice of high-heeled, crystal-embellished pumps added some sparkle and pushed the ensemble into the realm of high-glam, without overshadowing the core statement pieces.

Fox’s Attire for Milan Fashion Week in February 2022

Showcasing her affinity for bold prints and outlandish details, Julia Fox left an unforgettable impression at the Milan Fashion Week in February 2022.

Engagement with maximalist fashion was evident in her choice of an extravagant animal print coat that was cinched at the waist and floor-length, ensuring she stood out in the crowd.

Her embrace of the oversized sleeve trend created a dramatic flair, amplifying her unabashed approach to style.

The ensemble was complemented with towering platform heels – a Fox signature, adding to the ostentatious appeal while boosting her height and confidence on the runway.

Her accessories included chunky chandelier earrings that danced with her every move, a nod to the 80s’ glamour.

  • Embracing maximalist fashion with bold prints and exaggerated details
  • Incorporation of the oversized sleeve trend
  • Signature towering platform heels
  • Accessories highlighting vintage glamour with chunky chandelier earrings

Julia Fox’s Skin-tight Cut-outs Style

Fox has a fondness for outfits that are form-fitting and reveal some skin at the same time. This affinity is particularly visible in her frequent use of cut-outs that add a daring edge to her attire. The cut-outs show off her figure while suggesting an air of nonchalance, underscoring her robust confidence.

1. Vibrant monochromatic ensembles incorporate cut-outs remarkable in their number and placement.

2. She chooses a variety of shapes – squares, diamonds, ovals – in these cut-outs.

3. The cut-outs are frequently accented with embellishments like chains, sequins or feathers.

4. Even in formal events, she does not shy away from this style, setting her apart from traditional red carpet looks.

5. The prevalence of cut-outs in her wardrobe emphasizes her bold approach to fashion.

Highlight On Julia Fox’s Over- and Under-sized Separates Style

Within the fashion industry, over- and under-sized separates are critical to achieving a layered look. Fox frequently incorporates this styling principle into her outfits. She strikes a unique balance by wearing an oversized jacket on a minuscule crop top or a larger-than-life bottom garment with a skin-tight top. This blend showcases her audacious sense of style, proving her adeptness at mixing proportions with a subtle edge.

  • Regular incorporation into daily outfits
  • Balance between oversized outerwear and minuscule tops
  • Large bottom pieces contrasted with skin-tight tops
  • Demonstration of layering principle in fashion
  • Subtle edge in mixing proportions
  • Regular use of audacious style decisions

Insight Into Her Iconic Recycled Waistband Dress

Classification as an upcycled item, reflecting Fox’s eco-conscious stance.

Creation process involving multiple waistbands from different pairs of jeans, stitched together to form the dress.

Celebration of circular fashion that both economizes resources and offers a unique aesthetic.

Significance in the fashion industry as a daring and trend-setting statement.

Impact on Fox’s personal style, solidifying her reputation as an avant-garde, fearless fashion figure.

Role in promoting sustainability in fashion, inspiring others.

The Trend of Thigh-high Hot Fuzz in Julia Fox’s Style

There is no denying that Fox channels an edgy, cinematic vibe with her thigh-high hot fuzz trend. These statement pieces are indispensable to her wardrobe, taking on various forms in her public appearances.

  • Practical and dramatic, Fox uses this trend to create striking silhouettes.
  • Often paired with minimal tops for a balanced dramatic effect.
  • Brands like Fendi and Alexandre Vauthier gracing her wardrobe speak to high-end, designer fuzz choices.
  • Colour scheme varies from muted browns to bold, eye-catching neon hues.
  • The comfort-evoking fuzz trend serves to clash and yet harmonize with her ultra-glam looks.
  • She prefers pairing the fuzz with platform pumps or ankle boots, adding a pinch of grunge to her look.
  • This trend also complements the colder seasons, on red carpets or on streets.

Julia Fox’s Unique Cargo Chaps Style Preference

Expansion on bold fashion choices with cargo chaps.

Incorporation of casual and rugged features within glamorous settings.

Exploration of untraditional, innovative clothing combinations.

Context of the 90s resurgence and influence on contemporary fashion trends.

Experimentations with texture-play, pairing the cargo-style chaps with silk and leather finishings.

Edginess intertwined with the segment’s practicality, creating an explosion of surprise and intrigue in the fashion industry.

Detailing her pairings of the ~luxe grunge~ statement piece with stilettos, boots, or sporty sneakers for striking contrasts.

Touch on self-expression and individualism represented through this signature style.

Mention of praised red carpet appearances and street style instances showcasing the cargo chaps.

The style’s cumulative effect on Fox’s reputation as a fashion risk-taker in Hollywood and beyond.

The reaffirmation of Fox’s commitment to pushing boundaries and dismantling the ‘fashion rulebook’.


What is Julia Fox style?

Julia Fox's style is characterized by daring, nearly nude dresses, unique accessories, and a special appreciation for well-constructed leather garments, even fashioning high-fashion outfits from unconventional materials such as condoms.

What is Julia Fox most known for?

Julia Fox is most recognized for her roles in films such as "Uncut Gems" (2019) and "No Sudden Move" (2021), as well as her work as a writer.

Does Julia Fox take Ozempic?

Julia Fox has confirmed that she does not, and has never, taken Ozempic.

How many languages does Julia Fox speak?

Julia Fox speaks two languages: Italian and English.

How has Julia Fox's style evolved over the years?

Julia Fox's style has evolved from her beginnings as an artist with a penchant for grunge to a refined, adventurous fashionista known for her bold yet elegant choices in designer clothing.

Who are the key influencers in shaping Julia Fox's fashion choices?

Julia Fox's fashion choices are largely shaped by designers such as Alexander Wang and Kanye West, and stylistic inspirations from the 90s grunge culture.

What are some iconic fashion moments of Julia Fox on the red carpet?

Julia Fox captured attention with her silver sequined Atelier Versace dress at the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar Party and her black latex Balenciaga dress at the Uncut Gems premiere.